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Why Your Vote Counts

What are we all searching for at our core?  What motivates us to take political action or not to take action?   Is it money, fame, love or are we looking for something more satisfying. The aforementioned are important, but are they enough?  Perhaps we need something that requires constant renewal and fortitude.  Maybe what we really need is courage.    Aren't we are all striving to be courageous and tell the truth about what we think.  Of course, we want to express our true feelings, but it's difficult to accomplish while keeping other people’s feelings in mind.  Consequently it can often be complicated to speak your mind.   One might be tempted to go online and write comments on social media or on articles we read, but even that takes courage. Your digital footprint may well outlive you.  Who wants to be captive to a comment that was written years ago in the heat of the moment or when you didn’t have all of the facts that may now be available.   Furthermore, there is a real danger that you may well be perceived as a troll if your comments are too aggressive and even worse, your comments may attract unwelcome responses from trolls.   We’ve all heard horror stories of people being harassed online by trolls or bots for having the courage to state their beliefs. There is one absolutely safe way to take action that gives voice to your opinion.  Vote.  Vote for the initiatives you believe in and vote for the politicians that represent your opinions.  Do your research and elect the candidate who has the courage to represent your values.  Read my blog on American core values so you can see that I am the candidate to represent you. If you’re not registered to vote you can do so here.  

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